12. sij 2003.


I was faith. I had no choice,
But to fall in love with you.
Everything on you : your smile, voice,
The way you laugh just because you do.

It was faith, now I know.
Faith that led to an astral romance.
Now, I radiantly, cheerfully glow,
Happy I ever took the chance.
Happy you took my look to your eyes,
Happy to feel my hand in your,

Happy our kiss stoped all your sighs,
Happy to love you forever more.

Or it was karma, perhaps ?
But yet, to me came no harm.
My love for you helped me through the traps,

Into the light. We stood arm in arm.
All problems solved, mended,
Ready to give and love, infinitely.
And as we slowly into each other blended,
We knew : it was karma, definitely.

Autor: Matija Obradović



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