18. lip 2007.

The Realm of Gods

Just a nother day, when I was taken away
A day like any other,
So to speak
I wasn`t there to see,
What lays in front of me
I brought darknes in your sole
Gave birth to revenge,
Made you cry, change
The life you once had,
Start over,
Without me.
Don`t cry, my beloved one
But now you see,
What I meant to you,
And never know what you meant to me,
If you`re wondering where I am
Where I lay is not under ground,
The clouds are my pillow,
Another round
Eternity of waiting for you
And eternity is so eternily long
So I invite you now, trough the slumber land,
Join me
In the stars,
So that we can lay together
Never alone,
In The Realm of Gods

Autor: Dunja Đorđević



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