7. tra 2006.

The ,,Old Belfast Pub"

On a lazy Saturday, just before sun set

In ,,Old Belfast Pub” tired workers set

On the given day for rest, they leafed and cheer,
They just set there and drink their blessed beer
Dark it was like coal blocks,
Cold and sweaty like Iceland rocks
Many people set in there,
Some from here and some from there,
Some from church and some from prier
Some were green and others blue
Some were old and some are new
For the difference they did not care,
They didn’t noticed the difference there
Leafing and singing together they were,
Paying no attention on who is who
TV was on, and news says:

,, Two striking things have happen today.
Without a reason, our camera caught,
Police made a raid and arrested a lot,
Many were hurt and some even shot.
For the same reason and the same cause
A bomb has exploded at the bar “At Oz’s”
Five people wounded and dozen are dead…
And now for the weather...”

News man sad
News went on, on the sunny tomorrow
But who gave a fuck after that sorrow?
Suddenly room divided in two
And the difference was clear,
Who’s green and who’s blue
One hand start shaking
Other turn to fist
Some looks become sharp
And some turn to mist
Question is left there heavy to lies:

What is that happens when two Christians prey that other one dye’s?
What happens when two men of the same kind
Look at each other with blood in their eyes?
How will it end and how does it start’s
When they ask the same father
With hate in their hart
To bless them in killing their fellow men?
When words start flying
When blood hit’s the floor
Someone leaves and closes the door
Who did abandon this blessed fight?

That is in name of holy,
In the name of what’s right?
:,,You English bastard!”
:,,You Catholic sod!”
And God simply left The ,,Old Belfast Pub”

Autor: Ivan Stančić



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